Berlin-Mitte – where the cities heart beats

It would be enough, to name all the small and big attractions to prove the density of cultural spaces and buildings in Mitte. Museums, Theaters, University, State institutions, Churches and Cathedrals shake their hands. Straight through the district from East to West floats the river Spree, where excursion boats move all year long through the historical part of Mitte underneath 124 bridges. To explore the center of Berlin through a boat tour is a very special highlight for tourists and residents and it offers impressive insights of the variety the capital city has to offer. The district Mitte alone has 1.440 cultural monuments.

Starting your trip from the east located district border at Märkisches Ufer at Jannowitzbrücke, you’ll see the TV Tower as striking and remarkably 368 meters high symbol of the city – a German nickname for it is ‘Tele-Spargel’. But first you’ll pass Nikolai district, the oldest settlement area of the city and nowadays gem with cobblestone-streets and historical buildings, that authentically take you back for some decades. Nowadays numerous small businesses, pubs and museums established and you should definitely take a relaxing walk through the district.

The ride continues through the historical center of Berlin, where streets and places are equally populated by tourists and residents throughout every season. At the shore of the Spree you’ll see the Berlin castle and a few meters away the powerful Berlin Cathedral with the Lust garden is located. The stylish green area with its central water play captivates especially in summer months and invites for relaxing hours, often even accompanied with buskers.  The area is part of the internationally recognized Museum island, that is yearly visitor’s magnet for millions of guests cause of its 5 big museums located on it. Not only the brilliant quality of the collection and the ever-changing exhibitions attract people but it’s also the fact that the bordering Spree shores or Monbijou park with theaters and beach bars invite on lousy summer nights for some tango dancing. North of Monbijou park one can explore Scheunenviertel, a very charming district. Hard to believe, that back in the 17th century barns were standing right in front of the city wall. While today you walk through a hip gallery- and restaurant neighborhood with elegant renovated old buildings finding almost on every corner the cultural diversity of ancient times. Be it the Heckmann-Höfe – a former courtyard area with wood traders and horse stables and nowadays creative center with ateliers and gastronomy – or the new synagogue, that can be spotted to a large extent.

Going back to Lust garden the walking way could lead via the boulevard Unter den Linken, passing Neue Wache, the Humboldt university, the state opera and Komische opera until you can spot the striking Brandenburger Tor, which is at the most western border of the district.

These are only a few impressions of the most interesting district in Berlin. There remain numerous parts and attractions unmentioned, starting from traditional theaters as Deutsches Theater, the Berliner Ensemble, Volksbühne or the very small secret places and havens as Dortheenstädischer Friedhof or Open-air concerts in Kloster church.

By boat, by walk or by bike – go out and explore the district Mitte! Berlin Mitte not only has the most known, but also in general the most sights to offer compared to any other district in Berlin. There are even more curious things to explore in the second biggest district of the city: the city’s smallest street measuring only 16 meters and being 2.8 meters broad. Mitte is special, on a large- and on a small scale.

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